Bed linen

The depicted bedding contains enormously durable and proven laundry-quality and is made for the domain of textile rental.
All our beddings are weaved from ring-spun yarn. This assures that the bedding washes out a lot slower than it would if open-end yarns were used.

  • uni
  • uni1
  • uni2
  • 4mm
  • 13mmdiagonal
  • 20mm
  • 624mm
  • bettwaesche4mm
  • jaquardblume
  • jaquardkaro
  • 624champagner
  • 4mm gold_neu

Your advantage:
It is not a problem to mix new and older products as the exchange of linen does almost not catch the eye. The laundry keeps it’s dimensional stability, does not shrink much and is easy to mangle.
This bedding can be used in the hotel sector as well as in the care sector, because it offers the end user a soft, comfortable feeling on the skin. The mercerization guarantees a beautiful optical sheen and due to the bedding being hot water and chlorine proof the needed hygiene level is ensured aswell. Our bedding, terry cloth and table linen assortment has the Eco-Tex standard 100.

Fine satin bedding in plain and white. Fulfills upscale hotel quality demands. Fine threaded and closely woven. Mercerised, hot water and chlorine proof, with envelope-backed closure. Ring-spun yarn 100% cotton.