Kitchen linen

Kitchen linen: Claims for professional usage

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Kitchen linen has to deliver strong achievements around a professional object area. It has to perform heavy work day in and day out and is not allowed to lose it’s absorbency, shape or color. In the category ‘kitchen linen’ you will find hand towels, tea towels and pit cloths in our assortment.

For the kitchen linen to fulfill these claims, it has to be made out of espacially sturdy materials. That is why we use natural products for the production of our kitchen linen, as these stand for a long durability and can be washed in hot water without hesitation. Cotton and linen are the most popular products in the making of kitchen linen. Due to the special processing of these materials our cloths and rags quickly become expensive and loyal helpers during the hard work in the kitchen.

Kitchen towels are probably the most common little kitchen helpers regarding kitchen linen. The kitchen towels in our assortment contain of cotton or half linen and are very suitable for drying dishes and cutlery. Very well-known is the famous big checked pattern with delicate lines in different colors which distinguishes this kind of kitchen linen world wide.

Significantly thicker, more absorbent and resistant are our pit cloths. In their making the natural products linen or half linen are used very often but the use of cotton fort his kind of kitchen linen is also not a rarity. The pit cloth is characterized in that way that it is very hard-wearing and does not even show demage where other kitchen cloths would have capitulated already. These cloths – like the other products out of the category ‘kitchen linen’ – show the characteristic checked pattern. Originally this cloth was an often seen companion for miners underground which ist he reason why the name ‘pit cloth’ arose fort his kind of kitchen linen.

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