Table and chair covers

The high table cover: Noble appearance for bistro tables.

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If an extraordinary event in gastronomic venues asks for extraordinary furniture at the same time, many organizers start to face a dilemma. In many cases the available bistro tables are not acceptable for customer or client. What now? Invest in epensive new high tables? It does not have to be that way, there is a more effectiv and affordable solution.

High table covers for example upgrade available bistro tables without causing immense costs. A high table cover transforms an ordinary high table into an event appropriate piece of furniture. It is also available in different colors so the desired effect is always achieved conveniently. Meanwhile it does not even strike that the table always remains the same. From funky for music events to business approved and elegant for business events, a high table cover is a true quick-change artist.

In the past high table covers were used for storage purposes and protected the tables from weathering and other harmful environmental influences. But in the past decades it was more often recognized how decorative a high table cover could upgrade the available furniture and insert itself into the interior.

Regarding high table covers from our assortment we highly value the features longevity, washability and practicality. Therefore our table covers are from highest quality and they will satisfy your high and professional claims.

Our chair covers enchant comfortable seating options.

Conjure elegance and atmosphere into your room – using our table and chair covers!